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Asians Without Borders

About Us

Asians Without Borders (AWB) is a non-profit professional organization, with the specific goals of fostering and expanding career choices, facilitating professional development, and building leaders in the Asian Pacific Canadian community. Our membership is comprised of professionals in the full spectrum of careers.

AWB was founded by a group of working professionals who strongly believe in creating an environment where soft skills development, leadership training, career support, networking, and a sense of community support should flourish among Asian Pacific Canadians.

Our Goals
To excel in one's career, one needs passion, determination, and hard work, but also a network of mentors, encouragement, and a broader scope that AWB provides.

Foster and expand career choices

AWB’s aim is to provide tools and programs where individuals can explore and receive mentorship in various career disciplines. These disciplines include financial services, law, health care, public sector and not-for-profit, social services, entertainment, and government.

Soft skills development

To help members develop effective communication skills, enhance social networking acumen while maintaining authenticity, build consensus, and take on leadership roles.
Build leaders of tomorrow

To establish an environment to help existing and new leaders flourish.
To further contribute in building a diverse and vibrant leadership voice in Canada. 

Our Strategy

Soft skills development

Practice, Ability, and Role Modeling:
  • Run an engaging and diverse array of events to drive skill forming through hands-on workshops and inspiring Leadership Speaker Series.

  • Focuses include communication, negotiation, and strategic influencing skills.

  • Engage with industry HR leaders to highlight bias and stereotypes that are typically identified in Asian employees.
Build leaders of tomorrow

Promote social responsibility:
  • Experienced Asian corporate leaders serve on the AWB executive committee which gives the rare opportunity for volunteers to work directly with them. This environment allows volunteers to learn directly by observing the executive committee's example.
Foster and expand career choices

Walk our members' journey:

  • Cater members' needs throughout different stages in their careers. Provide guideposts on different career pathways.

Foster a strong sense of community among AWB members:
  • Build systems that maintain strong networks with AWB. Partner with other organizations to promote diversity and inclusion.

Governance Structure
Our Board of Directors define and oversee strategy.
Our Executive Leadership Team and our volunteers make the strategy a reality.

Board of Directors

Kien Nguyen
Executive Founder and Former President

Crystal Gan
Co-Founder and Former President

Jeanine Kwong
Current President

Eunice Chen-Promotorov

Edmund Chien
​Former President

  • Kien Nguyen, Executive Founder
  • Cheryl Tin
  • Jeanine Kwong
  • Caroline Wang
  • Peter Sohn
  • Matthew Ying
  • Crystal Gan

Executive Leadership Team

Jeanine Kwong

Kien Nguyen

Emie Hoang
Vice President, Operations

Sherry Zheng
Vice President, Digital and Social Media Strategy

Alice Fu
Vice President, Membership and Recruitment

Legal Counsel

Anna Nguyen

Operating Committee Members

  • Kevin Ho
  • Jason Wong
  • Danny Tseng
  • Chloe Li