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Asians Without Borders


  1. Achieving Success
    Achieving Success
    18 February 2016 Have you ever wondered how and why certain individuals (such as professional athletes or business magnates) get to where they are and achieve success?
  2. Negotiation - Part 2
    Negotiation - Part 2
    8 October 2015 Hone your confidence and boost your negotiation win-rate through Mutual, Distributive and Integrative negotiation tactics with Professor Bell from the Schulich School of Business.
  3. Blaze Your Own Path
    Blaze Your Own Path
    10 September 2015 AWB is proud to present Superintendent Peter Yuen of Toronto Police Services as he shares his experience in Challenging Oneself, Strategic Planning and the Importance of Self-Awareness.
  4. 2015 AGM
    2015 AGM
    16 July 2015 All AWB members are cordially invited to our 2015 Annual General Meeting and Social Night.
  5. Sales Tactics
    Sales Tactics
    13 May 2015 Join Cora Chen and Kevin Yang, top performers at Investor Group, as they share tried-and-tested tactics on making a memorable first impression and how you can transfer these skills to your everyday life through an insightful discussion and interactive session.
  6. Negotiation - Part 1
    Negotiation - Part 1
    22 January 2015 Supercharge your negotiation skills with Professor Bell.
  7. Align your Career
    Align your Career
    15 October 2014 Learn about your personality style and how it aligns with your career path.
  8. CPA panel
    CPA panel
    11 September 2014 Learn about the new CPA program and how it will affect your career.
  9. 2014 AGM
    2014 AGM
    25 June 2014 Join fellow AWB members to our 2014 Annual General Meeting.
  10. RCN Leadership Lessons
    RCN Leadership Lessons
    4 April 2014 Officers from the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) share their leadership insights.
  11. Championship Mindset
    Championship Mindset
    26 February 2014 Learn how to achieve your dream with Amel Abouelhassan.
  12. Holiday Networking Event
    Holiday Networking Event
    December 5, 2018 Come celebrate the holidays with us and be sure to come early to mix and mingle with members of the community!
  13. How To Make Your First Million
    How To Make Your First Million
    November 27, 2019 Entrepreneurs from Transformix, FinanceIt, and Indochino come to speak on their success.
  14. Module 02: Tough Conversations
    Module 02: Tough Conversations
    April 15, 2020 Check out one of our two available sessions on Module 01 to build upon your Emotional Intelligence.